What Are The Different Types Of Toys You Can Buy For Your Dog?

What Are The Different Types Of Toys You Can Buy For Your Dog?

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Dogs love playing with their toys. Some of them show possessiveness towards their favorite toys whether it’s a puzzle game, chew toy, plush toy or a treat toy. Here, we are going to discuss different types of dog toys that dog owners can learn about and get some shopping ideas while they are off to buy their dogs some new toys.

It is always said that a tired dog is a good dog! Therefore, the more you can keep your dog in action; the canine can be healthier and more obedient. Before you start fetching the toys at any dog store, you should be well aware of the usefulness of the toys and above all, whether that particular toy is ideal of the breed you pet.

Chew Toys

You can find the chew toys of various types. That can be of plush toys to different bones that are mainly rubber based. For the large breeds such as German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler and Bull dogs buying the sturdy chew toys is strongly recommended as dogs of these breeds are bigger and stronger than the other breeds. Their jaws are stronger and as they tend to be working dogs, their strength and stamina are more. Thus to match their efficiency, owners have to choose the strong and heavy duty chew toys. If you’re a proud owner of these giant dogs, choose the bigger bones and chew sticks along with the rope toys that keep them engaged for quite some time. Chew toys are also available for the small and mid-sized dogs.

Puzzle Toys

Nowadays, you can be catered with a wide array of puzzle toys at the reputed pet stores. These are mostly the engaging toys for the canines that love spending time with these amazing toys that help enormously in developing the intelligence, memory, and the cognitive functions. Initially, you can borrow such a toy from a friend to find out whether your dog is interested in playing with such toys. Then you can invest in getting such a puzzle toy made exclusively for the dogs.

Treat Toys

Dogs enjoy eating their toys and if it’s a treat toy, then things can become more favorable for them. While shopping the treat toys, choose the ones with additional nutrition, minerals, and vitamins ideal for keeping the dogs satiated and healthy.

These are some of the various types of toys you can buy for your dog.

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