The Timeless Attraction of Trollbeads

The Timeless Attraction of Trollbeads

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Since their introduction in the mid-seventies, trollbeads soon became a popular accessory in both men and women’s fashion. The very first trollbead was created by a Danish jeweller, Soran Silversmith, who in 1976, noticed the fashion to hang a charm from a leather thong in a necklace fashion. He decided to make something that hollow that could be threaded through the strap, and the first trollbead was born.

Fashion Meets Tradition

Trollbeads are charms, and they have been used to protect people from a range of misfortunes, as well as offering the wearer good fortune. There is a meaning and story behind each creation, and this adds appeal to the colourful ambience they create.

A Range of Styles

Whether you are looking for a trollbead necklace or bracelet, there are many designs to choose from, and other items such as earrings and chains can also hold these attractive charms. If you would like something that is no longer available, there are retired trollbeads that can be purchased online. The materials used to make trollbeads are many, including the original silver, while gold and silver combinations are very popular.


Trollbead jewellery comes in so many different materials that you can find something that works for any outfit. An evening at the opera requires something sleek and expensive looking, while a rock concert demands something a bit flowery. Whatever the occasion, there are trollbeads that are perfect for your outfit, and with interchangeable charms, you can mix and match for optimum effect.

Sentimental Value

Due to the ancient beliefs that charms can affect our lives, people attach great value to special objects, and by adding to your collection, you will have a wide range of options for that special occasion. Most people aspire to build a comprehensive collection, and over time, with the right choices, you will have something for every occasion.

Mix it Up

Trollbeads are interchangeable, and with a chain and lock system, your precious beads are safe and secure. The fact that you can mix and match means a new look can be created instantly. Even the materials can be intermingled, giving your accessories a little more depth, and with glass or stainless steel, you can have that sleek, modern look, which is ideal for formal functions. Colours can dramatically change your appearance, and with trollbeads, you really are spoiled for choice.

Men and Women

One of the attractions of trollbeads is that they look great on both sexes, with special collections for the fashion conscious male. Whatever the occasion, and your personality, you can find something that shows off your outfit, and with the ability to interchange beads, no outfit will ever look the same.

Online Solutions

If you want to purchase trollbeads, the Internet provides the perfect way to browse at your leisure, then, with a secure online payment, your new jewellery will be on its way to you in no time at all. The fashion of trollbeads has swept the world, and they have always been referred to as “the charms of Europe”. Online suppliers stock all types and sizes, so you can find the look that really suits you.


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