Quick Things Worth Knowing About Built-In Ovens!

Quick Things Worth Knowing About Built-In Ovens!

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If you are thinking of replacing your old countertop oven, probably it’s time to consider a built-in oven. For the uninitiated, a built-in oven is also called a wall oven, and it is usually placed in the cabinetry, on the wall area. Most of the advanced homes and functional kitchens have built-in ovens, and before you buy one, here are some aspects worth knowing.

Know your requirements

Typically, a four encastre de petite taille should cost somewhere around $600 or higher, which is again more than a countertop variant. Keep in mind that the interior space of a wall oven is lesser than the regular ones, so you may need a bigger one. Standard sizes of built-in ovens are 24, 27 and 30 inches, and since these are fixed at one spot, size is an important consideration. Also, consider if you need a regular oven or a convection one. The latter is now a norm and is certainly a better choice.

Price, brands and features

The features of built-in ovens depend largely on the price. Since you won’t be removing the oven from its spot, it is wise to buy a self-cleaning model. Self-cleaning ovens use high temperatures to get rid of the leftovers and smell in the cooking compartment without using any cleaning agents. Cooking features can vary, but again, check for a digital panel and preset menus. Some ovens also have a wider window, so that the interior cooking process is visible, while the better ones also have more lighting. As for the price, bigger built-in ovens are expensive and can cost more than $1,200, depending on what’s included. Brands can also differ in customer service, but you won’t make a mistake with names like LG, Whirlpool, GE, Moffat and Amana.

Other things to note

A good wall oven should be easy to use, clean and maintain. Apart from electronic displays and settings, you may want to check what else a brand offers. Gas-based models are cheaper, but for contemporary homes, electric ovens are better. If you are not revamping the interiors, always take the measurements twice before shifting between brands. The size difference can cause major issues with installation.

For the best deals and offers on wall ovens, check the online stores. It is also a good idea to check some of the reviews to understand and compare different shortlisted products. A tad more for a better and improved built-in oven is always worth paying.