Ideas to Help you Shop for your Client Gifts

Ideas to Help you Shop for your Client Gifts

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Sometimes, you wish to shop for special and meaningful gifts for your most valuable clients. It is likely to be a holiday celebration, anniversary or birthday or a show of gratitude for their business. Begin your search by checking out the client gift ideas which help you showing your appreciation and the gifts with your brand image.

Personalized Stationery

Personalized Stationery and Cards can be used for individual special messages and thank you notes. There are varieties to choose from. A set of personalized note cards can be a good gift your clients will appreciate all the time.

Coffee and Tea Gift Basket

This is a good option for clients who like their every day hot beverages. You can get this with a variety of coffee and tea, along with an assortment of cookies.

Business Books

Do you own a favorite business book you often recommend to colleagues? Or maybe you have a certain book that you keep on your desk and usually refer to as you work. Your main pick can be a great gift for valuable clients.

Personalized Glass Coasters

Glass coasters are good for clients who entertain frequently. They are made stylish and offer a special personalized touch. Also, they come with protective pads which attach to the bottom in order to protect surfaces from scuffs and scratches.


Poinsettia Wreath

Wreaths are excellent client gift ideas for the holidays as the recipients can liven up their home or office for the season. The wreath’s holiday colors are beautiful and surely add festive holiday cheer.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are the best companion to digital cameras and really be a good addition to any office or house.  You will want a digital frame that lets your recipients view their favorite photos in vivid, bright and lifelike colors. There are some of them that lets your recipients save power as they browse their favorite memories.


Plants or Flowers

A seasonal plant is a great go-to client gift you can use for brightening an office or house. Flowers and plants which can be moved to a garden are amazing gift ideas for clients with a green thumb.

Gourmet Cookies

For clients with a sweet tooth, gourmet cookies are a great choice. Your gift can include cookies, nuts, hard candy, chocolates and coffee. Clients who will receive this will share it with the office, enjoy it by themselves or bring home to their family.


Pen Gift Set

A set of quality pen is a gift that can be used by everybody. However, few people will purchase it for themselves which make it a good gift idea for clients. Pens come in various types and when you spend time picking one which fits the taste of your client, you can offer a memorable gift which will be appreciated each time the client uses it.

Personalized Letter Opener

Aside from being a useful and practical gift, letter openers personalized with a special message can show your appreciation to clients.

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